in a couple of hours im heading into town to help a friend whos girlfriend just dumped him. im not new to the whole helping a grieving friend buisness just havent done it for a while so im a little rusty. any tips to help me help him would be appreciated.
Vodka is the only solution.
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take him out for hookers and icecream.
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Just tell him that there isn't only one person for us out there. We're compatible with many different people, it's just a matter of who gets to us first.
i got him an industrial block of chocolate not even joking its huge, made sure he had plenty of grog and movies with just mindless violence no guy gets girl in the end of big battle shit and just talked hes alright now thou thanks for your help guys. p.s i wish i thought of the hooker idea win for everyone.
Kevin Smith movies. All the View Askewniverse ones.
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bring him a new amp. it is, after all, what he really needs.

OT: don't talk about her, girls, dating in general.
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Vodka is the only solution.

You sound like your sister

But I agree. Vodka. Or put him in a big sack and throw him off a bridge.
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