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I have decided that for my senior project in school i am going to try and record a demo of around 5 or 6 songs (which will include guitars, bass, and drums, all performed by me) and in the process learn a little about audio recording and production. As a result, i am now in the market for my first USB Audio interface. My budget is around $150-$300 I have done a little bit of research and am considering getting this. Its a bundle with an interface, mic, stand, cables, monitors and a beginners protools software. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Any advice for me on this particular product, or any suggestions on what to get?

TL;DR: in the market for a USB Audio interface. Budget around $150-$300. Suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
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I just got the Focusrite Saffire 6. I've only had it a day but so far its been pretty awesome. No issues with latency using stock settings and more than enough i/o's for my use.

The m-audio comes with protools which may or may not be a plus for you.
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Well, its only got one xlr mic input which will be a problem for recording drums, I mean it can work but its not gonna be the best. But if you get some that has more inputs then you're gonna need more mics and stuff to, so that's probably out of your budget. But if you decide to step up and get something with more inputs you'll be better of in the future, because if you continue with recording you're definitely gonna want something with more inputs eventually.
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