I am a DJ for my school's radio station and this semester I am going to be playing classic hard rock and metal (AC/DC, Sabbath, Rush, Maiden, Cheap Trick, etc.) What I want to do is find a song that I can use as an intro for my show that I talk over--a bed track. There are so many songs out there and I have been listening to so many to find a good intro for my show. So far I have narrowed it down to the intro from Satellite 15 (Iron Maiden) or Malignant Narcissism (Rush). Those are great, but I want something uplifting like "Captain Nemo." I would use that, but Eddie Trunk already uses that for his radio show and I don't want duplicate that.

Can anyone help point out some classic hard rock/ metal songs that could make great use as an uplifting intro for a radio show?
You know what?

Just play Like a boss.

Everything will come in place afterwards.
Sharp Dressed Man.
We are the diamonds that choose to stay coal;
A generation born to witness
The end of the world