Anybody listening to this band? I discovered them last year but they have to be one of my favorite punk/ska bands going atm. Anyway i just wondered if they had a following on UG? what do you guys think of 'em?
they're from my hometown, i really enjoyed the first full length but not the biggest fan of they're new direction; however that being said, they are an AMAZING band and if you get the chance to check em out DO IT! they put on an energetic and amazing live show
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I know alot of people were upset that they moved away from the old ska sound of the first album but i really can't get enough of Cavalcade. The music and lyrics i think are ****ing awsome. I missed them the last time they came to the UK, i couldnt sort out a ride on time.
The Flatliners are a kickass band. I really like all the Fat Wreck Chords bands though.
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Seen em live a number of times. They are from around Toronto and the GTA. Probably one of my top 3 listened to bands of all time.
This band had the feeling of a brand new against all authority like thrashy ska punk band, with awesome lyrical content and awesome breaks to skank to. But what the f**k happened? I see them at warped tour and its just.....its so bad. Every song they've written after Destroy To Create has sounded exactly the same, and they were once a band that showed so much potential to become one of my favorites. I'm not as down with the flatliners anymore.
I saw them when they supported no fun at all, they played a small venue in my town but ****ing rocked. I was front row singing along to all their songs, after they finished scott ran up to me and shook my hand and thanked me for coming out. In my opinion their first album was good for what it was, a sweat fueled gritty ska punk album. I feel as if they've progressed in the right direction, cavalcade is an amazing album and I'll happily continue buying all their new material.
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They are a very good band live, but they have no stage-presence at all. That kinda ruined the live show, but they were tight as can be.

But to be fair they played after Pour Habit and before Strung Out. Most bands would have a tuff time with that line up
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These guys would play my city and hit on extremely underage girls and act like huge dickwads to all the other bands. Their music is pretty bland ska-punk too. **** 'em.