I just moved to Mount Laurel, NJ a couple of days ago and I'm looking for some people that might want to hang out and jam. Just looking to play on acoustic guitars right now, but I'm mostly into post-hardcore/screamo and pop punk. I don't know anyone around here, so if you wanna jam and you're not old (like 22) or too young (probably about 16) hit me up please.

Edit: This makes me sound kinda desperate. haha
I'm FAT!
im a guitarist in nj but im turning 16 been playing for 4 years, live in west orange, and play metal.
err im 16 and im a pro punk (all typs of punk brand) guiterst in atlantic city iv played for 4 years to whats up bro?
19, live in lambertville. i play more alternative rock and am look for some niggs to start a band. im pretty serious.. no shitty players lol