Hey guys, another quick batch of questions.

Im in a band, and we havent yet met to play and its been almost a month. The drummer works alot and there has been a lack of effort on the other band members parts on practicing. I understand you have stuff to do but its summer. And now that summer is ending it will be even harder. I am very passionate about my music and playing. Its something I dont take lightly and I dont consider it a joke. I want to lead the band as a guitarist but thats very hard whenever you hardly know the people your in a band with. I actually got into this band because on UG. I looked in the classifieds hahah.

Well, the members of the band is, Vocals/Rhythm guitar, Bass/backing vocals, (me) Lead guitar, and Drummer. And they dont seem to show any passion or care for music. And the style of music I make is from Rock, Punk, Metal, Progressive, Percussive (acoustic guitar), and some Punk Ballads. All except for the bassist listens to death, screamo metal. I cant deal with alot of screaming. And I am thinking of leaving this 'band'

So, have you had any experiences dealing with people who dont have a 'passion' in your band/former band?

How has it turned out?

And do you believe that I should leave this band?

Thank you for your time
I had a band like that not so long ago. It really pissed me off to be the only one willing to make an effort, so I quit. I saw them at a gig last month, and while I missed being on stage with them, I sure as hell was glad I wasn't a member of that band anymore... They, erm, were unable to coax any positive reaction out of the audience. At all. (Cute way of saying they sucked)

Imo, you should first try to talk to them. Try to get them to work harder, or at least understand what they're doing. If it doesn't help, quit the band.

Good luck!
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Ive had it happen a couple and times, and you're right, it is amazingly frustraiting.
What I did was try and organise a couple of practises, and if nothing happened basically just said '**** it, theres no point anymore'.
kick them all out, theres space for some but they obviously they dont have a varied music taste to appreciate it
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Im in a "band" like that. I've put in so much effort to get my other guitarist to learn all the songs and jam but we're all good friends, so I'm not too harsh, and they all prefer to just hang out now instead of jamming. So I might be in the same boat as you. Theres no point in leaving though, but if you get the chance to join another band then you should take it. But yeah, why not just stay in and see what happens for now?
If you attach importance to play music with the guys why not have a talk for further communication.I mean you have to find what they want,after that you will get the answer and make a decision by yourself.
I agree with jtees4's suggestion cause the guys don't seem to show any passion or care for music.
Just find some new members.