I just came back home from Weezer's Seattle stop on the Memories tour, and have decided to finally make a Rivers Cuomo Tribute guitar. Modeling on the Warmoth strat he used on the blue album. It will be sonic blue with one white humbucker and one black. Three knobs; one push/pull volume, two tone. Tele switch with Strat cap. Other crap. Brown tortoiseshell scratchguard. More other crap. Any thoughts on modBoards (I know Rivers had one in his) and any other extras? Also, just a weird idea I've had. He added tape, stickers, scraped them off. So what I was thinking was that I would do like he did, only in real time instead of just treating it like that in real time. So put it all together and then add tape a year or so again, then take it off, then add some bumper stickers, then finally the muppet babies stickers. I think that could be pretty cool, but also pretty cheesy and dumb.
BTW the concert was...
Go see this tour stop if it comes to your town and you dig Weezer. Or just think they're okay.