That's cool man. I listened to Please, choose the path of least violence. I like how everything changes except the vocals. What are you doing on the bass? Like technique wise. It sounded cool. Only listened once. Will download now.
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I heard 1 minute of the first song and decided to download the whole album. Thanks for the free download! Do you have a SoundCloud?
I know now. It's that you use a pick right? I was wondering what that tone was, cause I use my fingers. Plus you've got a p-bass?
UG's New Zealand Resident!
I really ****ing like this. I want to find you in real life and make musical love.
I'm actually there new bassist, but I have a really similair style to their old bassist. He used a p bass actually, and from what ive seen, he didn't use a pick. I had to learn them all by ear, so i have no clue if he used a pick. Go like us in Facebook! Were going to be playing all around the east coast.
Check it out! If you do listen, ignore the bass playing on the songs. I recorded them when i was alot worse then i am now.

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