Hi guys, I happened upon a great looking piece of equipment not too long ago which allowed you to plug in all of your instruments and it merges them all and outputs them to multiple pairs of headphones, you could buy it in different sizes (more I/O etc). It basically allows you to practice as a band through headphones instead of having to turn it up to 11 over drums, which would allow us to practice virtually any time, as the drums is the only hindrance for us.

Does anyone know the name of this or could link me to something similar?
And if anyone has any experiences with this equipment (if we work out what it was) or something similar I'd love to hear what you think!

Someone in a music shop once told me about this, I'd love to hear more about this too.

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It's really bugging me I'm sure it was called something like BandJam but I can't find it anywhere...
JamHub by Roland, they're very cool.
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