Hey guys! Im just a beginner and im planning to get a new amp! I have a yamaha GA-15 amp. I dont gig very often! My first gig is coming up, on our school talents day. So if i get the peavey will i be able to connect the vypyr to the school amp? How do you guys gig if you dont have a processor?? Is the peavey loud enough for playing with drums?
Are you asking if you can connect the Vypyr to the school PA system? I mean sure you can. I wouldn't use the Line Out if you can mic it. The Vypyr 15 has a pretty small speaker though. What do you mean how do we gig without a processor? I would say the Vypyr 15 is not loud enough to play with a drummer but I'm sure there are people who have done it.

Your OP is not real clear and is not following the suggestions in the Stickies
vypyrs suck. i had a 75w and it did nothing but give me problems. get a fender if you want a modeling amp. if you REALLY want a modeling amp that you can gig with, then check out the line 6 valve series. i always hated line 6 until today. my friend was jamming on the head at guitar center and shit, that thing sounded amazing.

but for a small, inexpensive modeler i'd say get a mustang or g-dec 3. and in the way of being able to play over a drummer, in the way of solid state 50 is BARELY gonna be loud enough, 75 or higher is best for a solid state, i can play over a drummer with a 6 watt tube amp no problem.
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