How can I get the small amount of surface rust off the face of my pickups on my Jackson Performer PS1? Also, how do you adjust the height of the pickups on those things? There is only one screw each side of the pickup and Im assuming they are mounting screws not adjusting screws. Am I wrong there? How close to the string is too close?
IDK how to get the rust off (I'll wait for that answer with you) but if there is only one screw on each side then those adjust the height. 1/8" from the strings is a good place to start, then move them closer or further for taste.

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I'd say that closer than 1/8th is too close and will interfere with your pick action or cause distortion. 1/4 inch is good for me, even then I sometime catch a nail when finger picking. There's really no need for them to be too close if your amp / pedal-amp combinaton has enough gain -and I've seldom met one that hasn't!
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Just try turning the screws, they are usuall both for fixing AND adjusting. You might perfer to have the pick ups angled with them closer to the thinner strings - this is quite normal.