So... I'm applying to get into a music program for NEXT year (Fall 2012) and, not surprisingly, they want a musical letter of recommendation.

I'm completely self taught. Although I'm not sure I like the way that sounds... so let me rephrase: I've never had a formal guitar teacher. I have EVERYTHING else covered to get in. I can improvise, I can compose, I have technique, I'm not shooting way above my game here, I promise. I actually give lessons, and I've submitted a couple lessons here on UG that were met with high praise, so no worries about my preparedness.

My real issue is that I'm not sure where to go to get a MUSICAL letter of recommendation. The academic one is easy, I was great in high school. I'm just not sure where to go to get a musical one... I don't have to have this for a while, so there's no rush here, but do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do here? I mean, would it behoove me to get some private lessons in this case?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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hmmm...if you have music teachers from school who can testify to your skill then why not ask them? Maybe it will be worth getting a good teacher for a short period of time who can critically evaluate you and write a few nice words.
A couple of private lessons could be a good idea. If you find a good professional teacher, not only will you get your letter of recommendation, he may also spot a couple of areas where you can still improve.

I'm predominantly self taught as well, but I've had a couple of lessons over the years to keep me on track and get me past a point where I felt I wasn't progressing. If you decide to go for a couple of lessons, try to identify areas where you think they might benefit you the most, that way you can discuss this with the teacher beforehand and won't have to pay for any sessions where the teacher is just assessing your current abilities.
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