hey guys, how would you approach the idea of getting to play in a festival or something that's not in your country, currently my country doesnt have that sort of events and it'd be cool to try and see if other countries would accept your music and all.
i basically got inspired from Chapper's MonkeyFest... is there any other sort of stuff like that where not so BIGASS bands play so chances to get in are quiet possible?

just throw out ideas and sugegstions
I know over here in the UK most festivals have unsigned stages, and the stage holders normally hold a battle of the bands type competition where votes will progress your band.
Depends where you live and where you want to play. If you're in a European Union country, I imagine it would be fairly easy to be able to play a festival in another EU state. However, if you aren't, then you would most likely need to acquire a work visa which can be costly and a pain in the ass to get.
Then there's the issue of getting equipment from point a to point b, which can also cost a ton if you're shipping. If you're driving, you're going to need a van or several cars. Gas prices being what they are, that's also going to run you a fortune.
Basically, don't do this unless you're willing to lose a ton of money on moving costs and visas, or you know that you're going to get paid enough to outweigh those costs.
You need a fanbase.

The only gigs you'll want outside of your country are ones which make it worth your time, i.e, paid ones, or at least ones which you can sell loads of merch at, meaning ones with a lot of people who want to hear your music.

To do this, you really need to build your fanbase as much as you possibly can.

For things like festivals, as Grimms said, a lot of the UK festivals have unsigned stages and things like that. But to be honest, it's very competitive to get onto those things, because it's not the festival wanting you, like the bands on the other stages, it's you wanting the festival. So you need to have a fanbase as previously mentioned, you need music which everyone will appreciate (depending on the festival of course, like you wouldn't hear heavy metal at Glastonbury and you wouldn't hear indie pop at Bloodstock), and you probably want some backup from gear endorsements of a label or something so you don't end up being the act that everyone gets a beer during.

With stuff like Monkeyfest as you mentioned, there are plenty of small festivals, but nothing that will be worth your while. Like my town has a little festival, but I struggle to think it's even worth our time, and we live very close and love to do any gig we can!
Your best bet as an instrumental musician is probably to wait for the next "monkeyfest" and get on the bill there. It doesn't seem too hard and I wouldn't call the bands there "bigass", Guthrie Govan and the likes are, but most of the bands there are probably bedroom/youtube guitarists with backing tracks/backing bands.
Also if you're willing to give unsigned stages at big festivals a go, I think Monkeyfest is a lot more possible than those!

Generally though I'd say work as hard as you can on your fanbase, both inside and outside of your own country.
5 words

Wacken Open Air: Metal Battle

Held once a year, but you need to win the contest in your coutry first
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