Some guy's created this 'Where's Wally/Waldo' influenced Where's Wall-E, using robots from a load of different films, TV shows etc.

But, instead of just finding Wall-E, how many robots can you name, and where are they from?
There's a numbered version here, so you can easily identify which one you're revealing: link

I'll put up a list of all the already identified ones once there are some replies (not including the few I've already done).
I remember most of these but the name, man, they slip my mind.
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I remember only 4 of them, by remember, I mean I remember how they LOOK, not what they are or whatnot.
I don't recognise any of these robots.

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found wall-e in about 30 seconds.
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Foundhim in five seconds, i can name about 30.

6 - Sentinel from The Day The Earth Stood Still
14 - Older Robot From Robocop
18 - The terminator
19 - Johnny 5 from Short Circuit
24 - Weebo from Flubber
31 - Toy Jeep Decepticon from Transformers 2
35/36 Bill & Ted robots
38 - Kryten from Red Dwarf
43 - Robot from Judge Dredd
45 - Robot soldier from Star Wars
48 - C3PO
50 - Robert Copperbottom from Robots
64 - Squid from Matrix
75 - Sonny from I Am Robot
77 - Bender from Futurama
78 - EVE from Wall-E
79 - Tin Man from Wizar of Oz
89 - Grounder from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgegog
96 - Alfa from Power Rangers
119 - Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy
120 - Rosie from THe Jetsons
127- Robot Boy
129 - Wall-E
148 - Bad Robot
162 - Clank from Ratchet and Clank
165 - R2-D2
174 and 175 - Mouse and Cat robot from Tom and Jerry
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I remember most of these but the name, man, they slip my mind.

This. Although I saw Alpha in there from the original Power Rangers, so this poster is now a win in my book for nostalgic reasons.
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Also I totally missed that washing-machine humping robot.
To be vulnerable is needed most of all, if you intend to truly fall apart.

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You have no idea how much I don't want to tell stories about my mother's vaginal slime on the internet.

I make music sometimes.
The fella in the bottom centre isn't a robot. Its a scout trooper from star wars. Just a variant of the storm trooper and not a droid in any way.

Lordy i am a nerd.
- the one from flubber
- bill and ted
- goddard (i think, the one from jimmy neutron)
- r2d2
- robotboy
- tin man
- bender
- terminator
- the one from time police
- r2d2's buddy
- the one from the day the earth stood still
- cat and mouse from an old tom and jerry episode (i think)
- android logo
- that teenage robot girl
- rosie
- the droid from spaceballs
- starwars droid
- the one from that Woody Allen movie "the sleeper" I think is the name
- the one from portal 2
- the owl from that old hercules movie
- the one they ripped off wall-e from, can't remember the name

I recognize some more but my brain started hurting.
So the ability to name a bunch of random robots from obscure-to-famous pop culture is the gauge for 'nerdy' these days? I play DnD, Warhammer, and own a Devi Ever Bit fuzz pedal just for the graphics. Doesn't that count for anything?
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Right, my revised list after looking again.
Evill Bill and Ted robots
War Machine
Sergeant Bash
Noo Noo XD
Henry Hoover
Alpha 5
The original Marvin the Paranoid Android
Robot from I,Robot
The Tinman
I could be very wrong but:

18 terminator
6 sentinal day the earth stood still
19 Johnny
35/36 Bill & Ted robot substitutes
24 robot from flubber
42 Robotron from fallout 3
45 droid from starwars
48 C3p0
57 cyclon from battlestar galactica
64 sentinel from the matrix
77 Bender Bending Rodriquez from futurama
78 that other robot from wall-e
79 the tin man
70 Calculon
75 I robot
76 Bycentenial man
96 annoying robot from the powerrangers in space
100 robot from whichever rocky movie
119 robot from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
120 houscleaner from the jetsons
105 also from rocky
176 jimmy neutrons dog
165 R2D2
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When did Henry Hoovers become robots?
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Found Wall-E so quick it was scary. Didn't bother looking for all the robots but once I saw Clank I felt a great deal of joy.

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Know only 4 but wall-e is one of my favorite films. . .
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