Hi all,

A couple of years back i decided i wanted to make my own tele deluxe. I've gradually been buying the wood and components since then. I've now finished making the body & neck, and have been TRYING to get the wiring right.. but it's proving to be a pain in the balls.

I've read through the Ultimate Wiring thread but i still haven't managed to fix it.

I'm using:

2x SD Vintage Blues 59
4x 500k pots
2x 0.47 caps
1x 3 way Switch

Basically, i have followed the Seymour Duncan diagram (http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h_2v_2t_3w)

All of my wiring, whilst messy, looks like it is good. But i got nothing.

I've since gotten rid of the tone pots, just to get it to work with volumes, then add the tone pots later. I now get a very, VERY quiet noise out of the pickups (i have to turn my Laney AC30 up to 9 to hear the slightest noise), and a fairly loud buzzing.

I've looked for ground loops, bad connections etc but can find any. Anyone got any suggestions?!

my suggestion is... look again!
without pictures theres not much we can do.
if you can take clear pictures of your wiring so we can follow the wires, we can help.
double check your switch wires and locations, and the wires on the output jack. those are the two more common issues. also make sure no wires accidentally got stripped and are crossing somewhere, and that while soldering no wire insulation got melted so the inside wire is touching something else
Thanks, i had a look and some of the insulation got melted... hadn't even thought about that!