I am not that good at playing solos (fast solos), So I decided to take and practise a fast piece that would improve my playing by the time I learn it.
I need you guys to suggest me some thing like that.

I was thinking maybe 'Arpeggios From Hell' by Yngwie Malmsteen or something by Guthrie Govan.

Well, why DON'T you do those? There are hundreds of thousands of fast guitar solo pieces out there and you probably know a good few of them, so just pick one that you like, preferably one that you know well enough already to hum along note-for-note, and get practicing.

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i definitely reccomend the solo to "daddy brother lover little boy" by mr big.

its pretty advanced but nothing really extreme, it has helped me break a few walls and maybe it will help you as well.

don't you need a drill for that o_O
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Try the first pentatonic runs in Summer Song, by Joe Satriani, they are good to improve dexterity in your little finger (very important, as I'm sure you know), and improve your string skipping.