If all the machines stopped working tomorrow
I would have a dead chunk of useless metal
Tucked under my skin with a wire in my heart
Just as obsolete as a wilted petal

My body would be married to a relic of madness
Circuits and transisters so purposeless
Unnatural, illogical, an alien invasion
The paradoxical epitome of uselessness

Just as they implant they amputate
Here's no stranger to anaesthetic
Less than human, more than human?
A life prolonged yet more pathetic?

And more the question, who's to judge?
When dug up in twenty millenia by aliens
Bone-dust and a small piece of eternal junk
Made from useless, non-corrosive titanium
I sense apocalypse is brewing in this peice of writing. when machines stopped working thus leading an alien invasion towards the world.
Ha I actually just thought the aliens were coming anyway. They'll come, eventually.

Maybe we'd all be better off without the machines that rule our lives, but I'd be stuck with this one in my chest, my pacemaker. I can't bury it and walk away like I could do with a computer or car.

So when the aliens find it among my skeleton they'll be like, "why did this human hold onto this little gadget? It was worthless."