so i have a valveking 212 i have put celestions V30's in it i have done the JCM and mesa mod and the switch so i can toggle between the 2, tomorrow we are putting the noise gate in there instead of the R100 capacitor. etc...
the amp doesn't sound very bad now, even when sitting in the hot zone (ice pick sound zone) the amp doesn't sound really bad but when i postition myself just in front of the amp standing on the other side of the room the amp sounds really harsh and grainy and unclear.

thing is a like real smooth distortion, like for example porcupine tree have, very smooth and growling distortion. but my amp even with the JCM and mesa mod still seems to have like some disturbance on the channel that makes it sound harsh and cheap.

no somewhere i have read that beam blockers would be my heroes since mids wouldn't be focussed in front of the amp and will be mixed with the other frequencies for a more even sound. cause when standing elsewhere teh amp sounds good actually.

somewhere else i heard that removing the class A/ "A/B" pot would remove all the shit from the channels (i allways leave it on A cause my fav amps mostly are class A amps.)

or aybody have other sollutions??
Treble frequencies come from the center of the speaker. A beam blocker helps disperse them better. Not that you need to shell out for one. Just tape something small, hard and round to the front of the grille. (no penis though lol)

And theres that whole polishing a turd thing... Maybe you need a better amp.
Beam blockers, as mentioned, would do you wonders. You can look up how to make one easily enough.

The VK is not a bad amp by any means - I had my choice between a JVM, Mesa DR, and a VK 100 head and chose the Peavey, it certainly has a purity to it that's hard to match. It CAN sound unfocused, however, and the V30s will not help that much especially out of an open back cabinet (they are almost always used with closed backs for a reason), but you should be able to get it where you want it.

The best thing you could do long term is use a closed back 212 underneath it for the V30s and either go back to the stock speakers or get a speaker better known for clarity than the V30s in the open back combo cabinet. For now, though - a beam blocker will help you a bit, as will avoiding excessive use of the resonance control - it WILL add bass, which I bet you are slightly lacking in with the open back cabinet, but it also muddies the sound something awful when used past 30% or so.

Try taping something, as mentioned, to the grill in front of the center of the speakers and turning down/off the resonance control and get back to us here, I bet you'll be impressed with the difference.

EDIT: The class A setting tends to be less clear and more "fizzy" in general. If that is something you want, by all means go for it (I love me some Orange TH30 any day!) but if that is being the problem maybe you should go 50/50 on the texture knob. That should take some of the fizz out, which you can then control with the presence and EQ.
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well i had the impression that my amp sounded clearer in type A O . o
anyways can be an illusion.

with taking out the texture knob i really meant taking it out of the circuit some people have removed the texture control from their amp completely.

i was planning on changing my amp into a head and cab and then closing the cab. but i can't do that until i have sold my V guitar which will be soon i hope.
in the meantime i was planning on closing it to right under the tubes so my amp wouldn't burn :p.

and does just tape on the grill make a difference? if so on the exterior of the interior of the grill?

edit: i can't seem to find a head with the right dimensions whe i can hang my chassis instead of having it on the bottom of the head : /
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