I recently uploaded all the songs I've written to my profile (link in sig) so I thought I'd get you guy's opinion about them all.

My songwriting is split into three phases (if you select to view by album you'll see the songs grouped into these phases):

The New Stuff - Only 2 songs here so far, but these are the most recent and were finished within the past year.

Monnae - songs I wrote with a singer called Julie about 5 years ago. She's a far better singer than me. There are 6 songs in this group, although there are 2 versions of one of them.

Run Around In Circles - songs I wrote before I met Julie. The oldest was started when I was still at school, the most recent was written around 2003ish. There are 7 songs in this group, I've written a series of blogs in my profile providing a bit more information about each of them. (Try not to comment on the mixing - I was still learning how to use my kit when I recorded these so I know they aren't brilliant quality!)

Obviously I don't expect you to comment on all of them, so if you post your comment in this thread make sure you say which song you're talking about, alternatively feel free to make your comment against the song itself.

If you provide a link I'll be happy to check out your songs and provide my thoughts in return.
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I listened to Sliding Down and your new songs. You write in an unpretentious style, although I think there's quite a lot of theory behind your chord progressions. I liked some of the chord changes, and they're probably the best part of the songs. That's something I would like to experiment with myself as opposed to riffs.

Occasionally on solo guitar I thought you played slightly too far before the beat. Some of the guitar tones were a little too low tech but I suppose that's part of your style.

The songs were good but not what I would normally listen to, so don't treat my comments as particularly informed.