Okay I've been playing little teeth solos every since I saw Jimi do when I was around 13. I am 17 now and never had ANY type of damage to my teeth from playing guitar with my teeth. But, I chipped my front teeth during a football game and now the bottom half of my two front teeth are porcelain (looks pretty good if i dont say so myself). I have tried playing a little bit at a time with my teeth ever since ( it DOES NOT hurt whatsoever) but I am scared that I could knock out the porcelain part if I'm not careful. This sucks cause probably one of the best showmanship skills theres this when playing guitar. Should I keep rocking out with my c**k out until my teeth get knocked out, or should I retire this part of the show. ORRRRRR is there some sort of mouth guard somebody can recommend??

Here is a video of me playing with my teeth BEFORE the football accident - http://youtu.be/Pcz-vKlDJJ0

Heres another = ) - http://youtu.be/1mMxsInmv9A

any feedback will be appreciated.
Work on playing normally first. Hendrix can play with his teeth cos he's already an absolutely brilliant player, you on the other hand, should not be playing with your teeth. I can't believe this is even a thread to be honest.. It's so ridiculous. Who in the actual **** wants to play with their teeth?
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dont do it at all. if you ever do that on stage people will call you a jackass

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Retire that part of the show, please
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Is my playing really THAT bad, please be honest with me so im not living in a delusional world lol.
Ive always considered any player that does that a jackass, unless hes got amazing skill and creativity to back it up to where he can do whatever the f*** he wants. You're asking a bunch of guitarists though, we know its easy and barely has anything to do with actual playing technique. Non-guitarists on the other hand, it just looks really cool and difficult to them. It'll excite the crowd, but it won't earn you respect from guitarists. Basically, its like playing eruption.
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Retire that part of the show, please

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If you're really worried don't do it. Simple as.
You could try sticking a plectrum in your gob hole instead of using your teeth? That would be better if you still wanted to do it.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
...Playing with your teeth has never been cool.
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