Hey everyone, I've recently been advancing into songs with lots of 32 notes. I can play them but with difficulty. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some speed exercises or something like that to help me with 32 notes?

BTW I'm playing mainly on the electric guitar.

32nd notes have nothing to do with speed. 32nd notes are a rhythmic division and the speed of them depends on the overall tempo of the song.

If you want to practice for speed then don't bother because you can't, you can only improve your technique which will end up with you being able to play faster.

If you actually want to practice 32nd notes then get a metronome, set it slow and start playing 8 notes per beat. Do it until you can make them evenly spaced and absolutely consistent without thinking about it. Make sure you accent on the beats as well, it'll help you keep tempo and awareness at higher speeds.
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