Sorry if it's posted in the wrong subforum. This is by no means a thread to start calling dealers etc by name in order to start a flame war.

I've had an ibanez jpm p3 for sale through one of the local channels in my area which got picked up by one of those dealers(after a long period of bullshit bids and refusing to set a pick up date). The guitar is rather battered and bruised, the original pickup had been replaced(the steve's special had been put in my nstrat but i sold the pickup with the guitar) and there was some pretty heavy damage on the case. After some nosing around ebay(I'm looking for a new amp) i found my guitar for a price that is 50% above what he payed for it, the pickup hasn't been replaced ot it's original spec and no mention of any damage to the case. Not even the goddamn strings have been changed. I don't mind the guy making some money(it's his job) but if you are asking bullshit prices at least make sure the guitar is in propper working order and all flaws accounted for.

My old ibanez S2170 seemed to have made it's way to a dealer aswell(been years since i saw it for sale though). I replaced the stock bridge pickup for a d-activator x and it was now being sold as a custom shop guitar. After i contacted the seller he just called me a liar.

My purple bogner is now being sold as a limited special edition cab for a price at which you can just order a new one.

I know not all dealers and collectors are bad but if i see the prices some people are asking for gear(esp the rare ones) it just makes me want to cry. These were 3 case where i knew that the gear being sold sold for a bullshit reason(custom shop) or flat out lying about it's origins or flaws. A lot of guitars are being sold 2ndhand each day so that's a lot of guitar being sold for a away to high price due to some bullshit sale technique.

Maybe I can sell my battered hw1 strat as a custom shop relic or my 52 ri telecaster as a limited edition due to the water decal
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Not ethical to lie about the model, but what are you gonna do?

How about instead of worrying about what he's doing, just worry about being an educated consumer so you don't get ripped off by these people? If everyone did that, these guys wouldn't make money off of lies.
I know i shouldn't worry but people like that just pisses me off. The sad part is that there will always be people who will fall a bullshit story.
-Giablo JTM45
-Hook 2X12
-fender hw1 strat
-Fender AVRI 62 strat
Yeah there is a shop near me that is selling a '93 PRS CE24 for $2400 sating that the guitar is a custom ordered PRS custom 24 with a super rare bolt-on neck

I told them it was a regular line that PRS made for years, and I have a 22 fret version. And the fact that in mint condition it is worth $1200 max.The owner told me I was a liar and was trying to rip him off in front of other customers!!

fact is I didn't even want to buy it.
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I hate that. I sold an Epi G-310 SG with a Dimebucker pickup in the bridge and the EMG PA-2 boost in it for like $100 to a pawn shop. I recently walked into the local music store on saw it on a stond for $350 claiming it was a "rare limited run". I told the clerk that it was my old guitar and i was the one that did the mods to it and he called me a liar...So i pulled out my phone and showed him and the customers pics of me doing the mods and the serial number of the guitar lol. I told him it might be worth $175 tops and that the upgrades didn't really add any value to the guitar. He kinda kicked me out of the shop. But i wasn't too offended considering the guy doesn't know the difference between a mono and stereo output jack. I'm planning to go talk to the owner and tell them what happened...maybe offer my time to take his place :P
This happens in every form of sales. Why sell someone the premium product whem you can lure them into buying a cheap one at premium prices. Consumers must educate themselves.
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