My band Shattered Sanctity just completed our second EP recently, and I was wondering what you guys think? The entire thing is available on my profile, feedback is appreciated!
Listening to "Eyes of the Warrior" right now. Pretty good quality recordings, and the material is solid! I like that it's a little bit heavier than a lot of your usual power metal, and the vocals are pretty different. It all sounds pretty awesome though! If you've got a facebook link throw it up and I'll become a fan of you guys through there so I can get some updates!

Check out our stuff through my sig! They're old recordings, but we head into the studio again, soon!
Never was a huge power metal fan, but this is pretty catchy. Better than a lot of other amateur stuff.
Thanks for the input guys, you can check us out on facebook too at facebook.com/shatteredsanctity and Fate_of_Mind your stuff is pretty awesome! Very heavy I like it!
I never liked Power Metal.

But this is awesome makes me headbang !!! Sick production too !

Loving Eye of The Warrior
The symphonizer