Hello all, well although I'm not in a space rock band, I was wondering about what pedals, vst's, or just even some tricks out there that could make some spacy sounds (so I can try new things with my band). Examples of what I mean is in Pink Floyd or Angels and Airwaves albums.

Any help is very appreciated..thanks
Thanks man..gonna look into it ..looking for something cheaper to be honest, but worst comes to worst I can save
Here's a vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojOG5lQAUwo
I would really like to get one of those myself someday(when I have a proper amp of course)
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Thanks hunter, watching some vids now...I like the fact the manufacturer is electro-harmonix since I have the old school styled Small Stone and its very effective
The main AVA sound is a touch of reverb and a digital dotted eighth delay. With some distortion of course.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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Q-tron seems pretty good too...also appreciate it...hoping I can get @ least 1 of these pedals in the future
Check out a TC Electronics Nova Delay. I almost bought one of those when I was on my huge AVA kick and wanted to get delay tones like that. I still kind of do, come to think of it. Echo pedals would be good too.
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