I have owned my Vypyr 30 for two years.and want to do some recording.

just wanted to ask if i need any specific software to record guitar from my amp to the socker on my desktop pc? Im pretty sure my PC has a realtek soundcard,but i just wanted to know if i need a music recording programme.

Also,i would like to know which cable i need to record and also where i can obtain an updating cable.Im in the UK.

Cheers or any help guys

I would say all you need is a 3.5" auxiliary cable that connects from the mic input of the computer to the "record out" on the amp. That being said I use wavepad sound editor, which isnt the best but you can get a free trial and use it
I have the 30, I don't think you can update it.

You need a 3.5mm cable to hook from the record out to the input of your computer. You will need a program to record it. Audacity is free, but can have problems often. I use Sonar X1 and it's really good, plus it has the ability to add in percussion and bass tracks that I can program in (since I don't have either instrument).

Your Vypyr should have come with a free trial of Reaper, if you got it new, try that out if you want to, I never bothered, so I don't know how that stuff goes, I just know it's there.

EDIT: I get great tone when I use the record out, no complaints from that. If you are concerned about quality, consider getting a microphone set-up to the speaker, and figure it out from there. I've used the record out exclusively, with great results.
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Can you get something nice when you record the Vypyr using "record out" ? Because what I get has a shitty quality.