The Ampeg Vh140c is the head used by Dying Fetus, and is renowned as a great hi gain brutal death metal amp and the Crate GX130C is a clone of this head. I have been told over and over that it is the amp for me, however here in the UK they are near impossible to come across, I have never seen one of either for sale over here.

So I am looking for amps that are similar in sound/heaviness. I play technical death metal, my favourites are Nile, Decapitated, Dying Fetus, The Faceless.

This Dying Fetus track perfectly shows the sound I am looking for. the song was recorded with an Ampeg Vh140c (in the video, you can even see the head behind one of the guitarists.)

Please dont get me wrong I dont just mean clone amps here, I am just looking for any amp that sounds similar to that
Crate GT 3500H
Ampeg SS140c

Really your only hope.

You might as well just save up for a 6505 or an ENGL or something.
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Closest I've ever heard to those heads is the Crate Flexwave 120 head, but I will warn you: it is the BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT HEAD EVER MADE. I'm not saying it sounds bad (because it sounds pretty good, for SS), but it is beyond unreliable. Worse than Bugera's. My rhythm guitarist had one, and it started doing crazy shit like FX staying on no matter what, volume slowly creeping out, EQ knobs failing, he eventually sent it back. He got a Dime D100 (Randall RG100 clone) as a replacement.

That's my next suggestion: Dean Dime D100 clean-boosted with a Boss Metalzone. That doesn't sound like a good combination written down, but you'd be surprised what it can do. Listen to Crowbar's more recent stuff to hear what it sounds like (like in this song). Again, CLEAN boosting it, that means gain at 0 and level midway on the pedal. It sounds pretty similar to the GX130c's I've played.
The SS140 has the same preamp, different power section. It was used by Suffocation and Insubordi/nation.

Insubordi/nation being myself lol.

Solid state amps are definitely something you either like or don't like. Metalheads love them, jazz guitarist love them. Everyone else thinks we're stupid.
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One of these would do the trick:
Gilchrist custom
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Boss GT-100

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One of these would do the trick:

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