hello, im seeking some advice here - basically I have a tokai cats eyes (martin copy) and i need a reliable strap button. At the moment it has one of these endpins which can easily come out and I wouldnt really trust it.

Without having to drill in a strap lock, is there any way I can attach a secure strap button to the guitar? Ideally i want it in place of the endpin as opposed to next to it, many thanks!
If it's not an acoustic-electric, I would just have a pick-up installed into it. In a lot of cases, this comes with an input jack that also acts as a strap button. It would also give you the added benefit of getting to plug your guitar in, which is sure to come in handy eventually.

If it already has electronics with an input jack elsewhere, I would consider getting an endpin that is slightly larger that what you have. When they are the right size and pushed in snuggly, they should stay in place without much concern.
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