Hello, so I'm shopping for a tube amp head to go with a Marshall 1960A/B Guitar Amp Cabinet.

I found the Peavey Windsor Tube Amp Head, and I was wondering if it would sound good if I mixed the brands. Its $399.00, the other tube amp I'm considering is the Marshall Class 5 5W Tube Amp Head for $50 bucks less.

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to gear.
It really depends on your tastes. Just because Marshall often makes cabinets to go with their amp heads, doesn't mean that's going to be the best sound you can get to your ears.

Though for the question "will it sound good?" Yeah, it most likely will. A good head, and a good cabinet will usually sound good together (As long as the ohm ratings match up, and the head doesn't put out more power than the speakers can handle).
yes it will work fine. it will sound like a JCM 800 through a 1960 cab
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