I'm new to guitars in general, and electric guitars.
I'v recently made a deal with a friend though- he has a broken Squire Cyclone, with an amp and cable, that I can have for a while, if I fix it.
Currently, it's problems (due to his brother borrowing it) are:

1. Volume knob turns way to far, and guitar makes no noise- I reckon this will be an easy fix, just take of knob, make sure everything's connected, or maybe buy new knob (do they take the same kind as a Stratocaster, if not, what can I use?)

2. The cable going to the amp (don't know the name) won't plug in to the guitar very well, seems like something has bent or broken, I reckon I will need to replace the plug in the guitar- but this is where I'm having problems. I can probably get it out okay, but I don't know where to look, or what to look for as a replacement, any help would be much appreciated!

If any one has any suggestions to help with the project in other ways, I'd like to here them too- I'v got a soldering gun, and screwdrivers etc, and a freinds who's quite savvy with electronics, so I should be fine for the labor.

no offence dude, but if you don't know much about guitars and the like, maybe you're not the one who should be trying to fix it..
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Thanks, will it just be a matter of removing the old ones and soldering these ones in?
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If the pot and jack are the only two problems. The cable that's bent: is it the cable in from the guitar? I'm confused on that one. If it is and it is truly bent, or if it shorted, that could be the problem instead of the guitar's jack. Before you buy a new jack, try a new guitar cable (if it IS the in from the guitar). Also, on the potentiometer that turns too far; Have you removed the knob itself? It is as simple as just pulling it off (you may need pliers). When you do, check the pot's shaft for bends. Turn it to see if the knob had a flaw, or if really is the potentiometer (The knob can become loose and turn without the pot shaft. I know that that's very unlikely, and you would probably notice a strange feel when it turns.) Hope that this stuff is helpful!
edit: It would be as simple as soldering the new parts on. If the old ones are the problem.
I'v now got the guitar- and can see exactly what the problems are:
They aren't really electronic at all!

1. Pickup selector is missing a small bolt that goes on top of the picguard, securing it in place.

2. The audio pot for the volume knob has become disconnected from the underside of the picguard, and as such the volume knob turns freely, due to this, someone has turned it too far, and two wires have come un-soldered from it.

3. The jack going to the amp has a small bolt on the underside to keep it in position- this has come un-done, and it's possible the metal contact that secures the cable is bent a bit.

I shall re-bend the contact, tighten up the bolt on the plug- and re-solder the un-stuck wires.
But I'm not sure what to do with the audio pot, and how to re-secure it, or where I can find the bolt I need for the top of the pickup selector.
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New volume pot and a cable
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