Well before I get started read this first/
YES I ALWAYS UNPLUG MY BASS (and they go to the rack as well..)
this bass is only like 4 days old...it started getting a weak signal (i.e. the volume kept getting softer) the only think I could think of was batteries are bad.
thus I changed over to 2 brand new 9 volt rechargeables.....nothing/no sound..
tested original batteries......they werent as powerful as the new ones but had enuff to keep it playing...........Yes Ive searched forum after forum and was surprised to see how many of this same model seem to be having battery problems.-------Also while changing them out i left the plate off/plugged in and noticed that both times ( 1 ) battery was getting hot!!!!!. Ive used active coils off and on for the past 20 years w/o a bit of problems and now this happens and this #%^*& is brand new! (of coarse..its also made in "indonesia"?? wth?)...anyways if anyone is familiar with this "SYNDROME" please gimme a heads up eh?
thanx a ton
Doc Pain
It seems like there's a short in the wiring somewhere... Or maybe your active preamp is faulty? Open the control cavity and look for anything odd or suspicious, but don't fiddle around with it if you don't know what you're doing. I have this bass and have encountered no such problem. So I'd take it to a shop and explain.

Btw.. Don't knock Indonesia. ESP/LTD turns out some quality guitars from Indonesia, and so does Peavey. hahaha
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