Hey, I'm looking to buy a six string bass, my main instrument is guitar, but I also like to play bass. I have a four string right now, it's an Epiphone one I got for 100 bucks, and it has worked for me so far. What's a cheap six string I could get? that you think would be good for me, I would be looking to spend up to $500 or $600 ( I know I don't have many choices for that price but...)

Thanks in advance, Adam
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if you want cheap you can buy the Ibanez Gio gsr206 for only 300 bucks brand new

if you want to go a tad higher you can find an used 6string Ibanez or even schecter
ibanez has rthe gsr206 like has been mentioned, then the sr series. schecter stiletto custom 6 is a good bass, pretty beefy compared to the sr series as far as dimensions go. esp ltd has a couple in your range, I can't remeber what they are though. also rondomusic.com ususally has a couple of 6 srtings that are not bad. anarkee, one of our regulars, has one.

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Another place to look is Rondo music. I have a really nice Brice 6 er from them that is made surprisingly well for the price.
Try the LTD B-206:

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