I'm looking for a guitar priced a little under $400. I don't want a guitar with high dollar electronics, and cheap wood. I want a guitar with average wood, and cheap electronics. It's easier to upgrade the electronics than the wood when I get some more money.

I do realize I could save up my money and buy a guitar with both choices, but I don't have the money saving skills some people do.

I'm leaning towards the Kramer Assault, or the Kramer Vanguard. I've looked through some off brand guitars like Agile, and Raven West, but I just don't know enough about them or the wood they use.

I'm looking for something with a tremolo to replace the Hamer Scarab with a stupid Wonderbar system.

Any suggestions?
look into martins
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I'm diggin the Ibanez SA's. I would be glad to have something with more frets though.
i played one of the kramer lp's once. it seemed like a great bargain . it had 2 single coils and a humbucker. it played well and sounded nice unplugged.
Buy a neck and body, etc and make a partscaster.
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