How do i replace the power cord on my Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber DC-2? It doesnt plug in the back like alot of amps. It seems to be hardwired into it. If anyone can help me please let me know. Also where can i get a replacement cord for this i cant seem to find one anywhere?
You can usually find them at hardware stores, pre tinned. Any 3 prong will work. Just cut off the damaged wire, strip the wires, solder new wires to the amp wires, heat shrink, wrap in electrical tape, and presto, easy fix.

If you want a more professional fix, then open up the amp, and find where the wires go, desolder them from that point, and solder your new cable in place.

Be warned, messing around inside of tube amps is deadly.
well i might not do it myself...but if i take it to a reputable repair shop do you think it would come out mint if i have them replace the whole wire from the inside?n what makes it so deadly just wondering.
i hear ya.. when it comes to electric i dont know shit so ill let the pros deal with it.
If a tech charges more than about $50 to replace a power chord punch him in the face.
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