I have been away from the guitar world for a number of years. I was lucky enough to have come across what what many people consider to the only "good" modelling amp that was ever made, the Johnson Millennium Stereo 150(please if you disagree with that statement let's not start a flame war just let it pass I'm just saying what others are saying not trying to start a brawl). Finding this rare gem kind of resparked my interest and now I'm playing again. For those not familiar it's basically a top of the line digitech processor with a very high quality tube amp build around it and 150wts through 2 Celestion Vintage 30s. Very clear, loud and great.

Now I do love a lot of the effects/amps/patches that are built into it. But I am wanting more and also the pedal on the J-12 controller is crap. I was thinking of getting a Digitech RP355 for the better pedal and all the effects. But I was wondering about the plausibility of plugging a Digitech Effects Processor into what is essentially already a Digitech Effects Processor. I don't want to create a wormhole or blow up the universe. Would it sound decent? What preset should I use on the JM150 when using the RP355? In looking at the demo on their website the RP355 seems like it would have some better tones than what the JM150 has on board. What do you guys think?
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I have the rp355 and it's great, but it won't sound all that great since you'll be running it into a modeling amp.
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Why run a multieffects pedal into a multieffects amp? It's kinda pointless. It wont blow up or anything, but it prolly wont sound as good as you think it might, but then again, it might.

Never heard of that amp before...very curious.

It was made for a few years, it was the first modelling amp and people just didn't know about it. By the time they did the company was gobbled up by their competitors. The amps now are highly contested on ebay etc the last one I saw sold for 750. New they were around $1500-2000 and the J-12 controller was about 300-ish if i recall. Here's a rather annoying fellas video review of it. And a few samples.




I wanted the RP355 because the tones it offers are more to my liking. And the on-board pedal with the Johnson I am just not a big fan of.
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In my opinion you get better effects from a rack unit than a floor one. I have had a Korg that was a nice floor unit but still lacked a bit on certain tones. I have a Yamaha FX550 and a Digitech 2120 Artist (with tube) that I really like but I have to tweak a lot to get the sound I am looking for, especially the Digitech. U need to see which sounds are better from your amp and which ones from your processor and use them like that and not run the same effects from both....that will make it sound like crap. I have a Roland Cube that I practice with from time to time. I am not a big fan of modelling amps but I am thinking of buying a Vox that models. I have heard a lot of good things about the Johnson but have never had the pleasure/displeasure of playing thru one. Too bad Johnson went under and Line 6 is still going. Shows you what good marketing will do. Good luck on your gear