This has happened on two differnet guitars difeeernt cords. every time i mic my amp with my condensor i get shocked? wtf?! how the hell do i fix this.. i realy need to finish a song but i keep getting shocked!! plzz help
Contact every single manufacturer of every single piece of equipment you have and tell them that their merchandise is shocking you. Free gear

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This really shouldn't be in the recording forum.

Anyway, if you really are getting shocked with your guitar, I would suggest stop everything you are doing before you get badly injured, and I would also suggest finding someone who knows information about the situation, rather than trusting regular people on these fourms!

EDIT: I mean, come on! there is nothing "lol" about this! This is dangerous electrical equipment, and people have DIED from Electrical Shock with musical instruments!
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Lol no, don't worry about it.

Are you playing on a carpet / plastic chairs?

It's simple electromagnetic science. I would doubt it's an electrical problem, because there's a high security norm concerning that issue
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I use to play with a guy who would constantly get shocked by his guitar to where after practice his fingers were numb. Turns out his amps ground was messed up so he was becoming the ground.
I'd take this over to gear and accessories are if I were you.