Intro was alright, not too exciting. Break was pretty cool. Verse is kinda meh. Pre-chorus was okay, pretty cool with the combined piano tho. Chorus is alright, doesn't really draw me in at all. Bridge seems just a little random to me, not in a bad way, necessarily, but once the melody and stuff got consistent it was cool. The stop seemed a bit long before going back though. And the transition between the verse and prechorus right after seems way too abrupt. The bridge would be a much cooler chorus, in my opinion. Triplet section is pretty cool and sounds like it could have a really strong melody over it. Solo is cool, no notes that stuck out to me as particularly bad, but without dynamics, it won't be too interesting on actual guitar. The synth in the background is really cool. Ending is weak, it could end a lot better, perhaps sustain it?

That's just my two cents.

Don't bother critting any of my stuff, it's all useless crap from when I thought I was really good at writing prog.