I just got a new Prs se custom 24 and i love it! Only problem is that it wont stay in tune when using the tremolo. I replaced the factory strings with Light top/heavy bottom strings and set the Action, truss rod, and intonation all by myself. (Im a total beginner to this stuff and was using youtube videos and this is my second guitar and my first was a epiphone les paul special 2). I believe i did a god job considering being a first timer. But when i try to use the tremolo, it goes out of tune and goes sharp. I heard somewhere that you can tune down to pitch to make it stay in tune which has worked but when i do string bends, it goes flat. What can i do to keep it in tune?

Also, is it normal for the bridge to move back when i tune low? Like from standard to B standard and then to drop Db? I like to play many styles and change tunings alot!
Ive heard some problens with that guitar but you overlooked an important adjustment...new better tuning heads. Also im pretty sure its not normal for the bridge to move like that because i have a gibson les paul studio deluxe 60's and i change tunings a lot and it doesnt happen to me so ill just say get it looked at by a proffesional
You have a floating trem, so yes it is normal for the bridge to move when you detune. Your problem is the strings are catching at the nut. Get some graphite in there (pencil lead combined with vaseline works nicely).
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replace the nut with a graphite nut from someone like graphtech, or put powder graphite in the nut slots EVERY time you change strings.

both will fix problems
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Tuners are the weak pointas of the SEs. Get better ones, GFS some nices.

This and a new nut
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