Hello guys, My desktop recently crapped out on me, and my brother who moved out just recently gave me his old powerbook g4 that he never used.. I know this is not a mac forum but I know some people have the knowledge about computers and recording softwares.

I started it up, the charger isn't charging the battery, but it works with a charger hooked up..
I'm going to be replacing the battery on the powerbook, so it'll be easier to handle. I tried going on youtube, and play some music videos, but it barely handles 360p playback. 240p was perfect, but it was not what I planned for.. Maybe upgrading some things would speed things up?

It's a PowerBook G4, 15" Aluminum 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 1.5gb ram DDR SDRAM, 80GB HDD, version 10.5.8. 2 usb ports airport extreme. firewire, expansion, dvd superdrive..

I was hoping to buy a Pod Studio UX and start recording some demos, and play around as my home amp, plugged into my decent computer speakers. I also want to know if I can use REAPER/GARAGE BAND/CUBASE/GUITAR PRO softwares without lag/freeze.

I don't play games, I'm strictly using this laptop for music entertainment/studio/web purposes only.

Let me know what upgrades should I do, I'm happy to spend money on it, but if it's not worth it to upgrade this laptop, point me out to directions of other media laptops, It doesn't need to be a mac, this is my first mac, and I find it really useful for music, I don't really want to have to throw it away.
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You'll need more RAM and a better processor, but there are probably other problems with it that would be hard to fix. Realistically you'd probably have to replace almost everything to make it any good.
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Well the prices for parts on a powerbook g4 isn't that bad.. they are all less than 50 on ebay.
Max ram for my laptop is 2gb, so I can buy another 1gb for 20$.. and I don't know if I can upgrade my processor.
- Schecter C-1 Classic
- Fender Hot Rod Tweed Deluxe
- Crybaby->EBVPJr->TU-2->TS9->OCD->NS-2->DD-20->DL4->RV-5