Does anyone know of a website that can show me tabs to open note scales? What I mean is major scales where they start off or incorporate hitting open strings like the E minor penta in the first position I believe, I could be wrong but its the open that tarts on the bottom E with 0-3 then onto A with 0-1-2
Me llamo Juan great answer!!! True. Browse the archives and stuff bro there is almost everything ya wanna know around here and also for a little help check out http://all-guitar-chords.com or something like that. You can pick keys,scales, their positions, boxed, whole fretboard, really helpful stuff its like my musical dictionary sometimes.
Definitely check it, hey mods y'all need to get something like that rocking on this site, check it out...........
you might even get a promotion if you suggest it, I dont know something like executive of musical dictionary? I dont know maybe.....
If you're using standard tuning, any scale that incorporates the notes E, A, D, G, and B will have enharmonic tones on open strings. such as C, G, and D Major, and their relative minor keys A, E, and B. As for positions, just work with enharmonics to find familiar patterns. Also, make sure you understand the actual notes you play in your scales, rather than just the positions for certain keys.
There's no such thing as "open note scales"...scales are scales, notes are notes.

Any scale that contains the notes E, A , D, G or B is going to contain notes on the open strings - pretty obvious if you take a second to think about it. The simple fact of the matter is there's little point in trying to "learn scales" if you don't know the notes on the fretboard, you wouldn't try to learn to spell before you knew the alphabet, would you?
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