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I've made a decision to become a Youtube video game commentator (second to music of course). I've done some ameteur recordings and sent them in to some more popular commentators and gotten pretty good feedback. I don't plan on being a Youtube sensation but I think it would be a good thing to do in my spare time. I've been looking at two game capture devices, the Hauppage HD PVR and the Roxio Game Capture Hardware/Software.

This is the link for the Hauppage. It sells for about $200 new.

And this is the link for the Roxio. It sells for about $100 new.

Now I plan on buying either used but the prices are there just to indicate a range difference. Here are some pros and cons of both.
-Pros: cheaper, made for gaming
-Cons: not as widely used (questions reliability), not the best reviews
-Pros: Widely used by commentators (good reliability)
-Cons: More expensive, doesn't come with video editing software

If anyone can give me any info and/or previous experiences with either of the two, please feel free to comment. If you have any questions then don't be afraid to ask.