Note: This thread contains Christian content. Please do not be offended.
Hey there Bassists of Ultimate-Guitar! I was at a Youth Group event, and the worship service was awesome! The bassist- a man called Mr. Trevor, and an acquaintance of mine- was totally into it. Most of what made his playing so awesome (aside from the totally rockin' out on stage) was the soloing! There were times where he was just completely improvising. It was amazing. Please, any tips on soloing or improvising would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help!
Well, there isn't really an answer to your question.

You probably should have asked "Mr Trevor" himself

Do you mean soloing and improv in a worship/church band setting?

I guess my only tip would be to....play in key? Learn your scales, learn chords, listen to good bass players and how they solo and improv. If you look on youtube, theres a bunch of backing tracks you can solo over to practice.

Do that, and the girls will be all over your junk. Heil Jesus!