Trying to figure out what exactly this amp is trying to be. I dialed one up to about noon on the volume and loved the rich overdrive tones it gave me. My only concern is that I don't want a 5 watt amp. I've been down that road before and know that I need something that has a bit more headroom for it to be at all practical.

Are there other amps you know of that will have a similar sound and more headroom for under...say...$800 if it's a combo, $500 if it's a head? Thanks!
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It's trying to be a mini plexi. Look for an 18W Marshall clone. There are heaps of them out there.
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I think an Orange Tiny Terror might get you something close to what you want. Obviously at 15 watts we're still not talking about a TON of headroom but it's still a great amp. If you're looking for something with tone that is pure Marshall (like the Class 5) then the TT won't nail it but it will be close.

Thing is, headroom + Plexi tone is hard to come by in a practical way. To get the sound of a cranked Marshall without simultaneously simulating the noise volume of a fighter jet, you probably want something under 15 watts. Which is why the TT is a good choice IMO- you've got switchable 15/7 watt modes and you can run the overdrive wide open and not lose your hearing, or you have the ability to switch it up for more clean headroom (though like I said, it still isn't a ton).
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