Well, 6 months into really playing I have chord strumming down decently enough along w/ bare chords to play a handful of songs, entertain myself and others OK. I want to get into electric and I see a lot more picking in electric guitar, so I decided to dive into it. Plus, people love solo's...

I'm on day 2 and I can just about stumble through Wish You Were Here's first solo...
grab a snickers, it's gonna be awhile.

I'm not confident in where my pick needs to be per single string. I started the habit of using my pinky as an anchor as I was told that's the proper way.

Any tips? How proficient were you when starting picking?
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Man, I don't even remember the first time I started electric. I took lessons as a kid for a few years, so maybe learning a scale or two and get used to the hand to hand coordination would be a good place to start. Or not.
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Learn and practice pentatonic scales. Most solos, especially wish you were here, are based off them.
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I started off a strummer acoustic player for a while before ever really getting into lead type stuff and i found it took me a few adjustments to help me along.

First is to "choke" up on the pick by having approximately a centimeter or less of the pick outside of your grasp. When i began playing and was just strumming i used to have a ton of the pick outside and no control with single notes

make sure the point of the pick is pointed straight and not at an angle. Make sure the pick is at a slight angle to the strings and not parallel with them. This will help u "cut" through the strings easier.

The pinky idea is good and will help u out a bunch as well

I've learned most of my guitar from a guy on youtube named justin sandercoe who has a great tutorial on this you should definitely check out as well.


best of luck

Jeff K
use alternative picking and go slow untill you get the hang of the rythm and the movements, after that it's not that difficult to speed it up a little