Went into the Wichita GC a couple of days ago and played an Epiphone Masterbilt. Sounded awesome, but was in scratch and dent because it had a crack in the top running from the lower bout to the bridge caused by humidity changes after the acoustic room's humidifier went out. It had been repaired by their repair center (supposedly the guy who works at that store's repair center is actually quite good) and was priced at $400, about $250 off of the original price. $400 for an all-solid wood, Japanese made acoustic-electric.

What do you think, worth it?
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If you like it, I'd say go for it. Repairs like that, when done properly, are pretty stable. I'd love to have something on the cheaper side like that for gigs.

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i'd determine whether the warranty was still in effect, and also have a luthier look at it to determine whether it was fixed correctly.
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