Basically I want to write lyrics that tell a story, but i don't want to be too direct with it, i don't want to just say "this person did this" or anything like that. I want people to recognize that it's a story, but also to leave room for interpretation. A good example of what I'm talking about is Green Day's Jesus of Suburbia. Well, pretty much the whole American Idiot album, but mostly that song. Any tips on doing this? Thanks for the help.
change the story a bit. take out the names of people and places and turn it into something you'd read in a short story. from there you can turn it into more of a poem (to keep things concise and give it a rhyme scheme). a good example is escape from hellview by cky, which basically sums up the plot of any generic slasher movie but you'd not necessarily realize it until you looked at it that way.
Start by listing out the plot in a outline format. This could be used as a rough setup for your verses, and then the same thing you would use as a plot synopsis could be your chorus. At least, that's how I always did it.
Verse one is like a set up, so 'person 1 was whatever, he does what person 1 does'. Who is it, whats their problem?

Chorus- the message, be it 'leave home and get a job' or whatever.

Verse two- you've established the person and their issue, how does it develop? Build up to...

Bridge- the climax, where people get shot, leave girlfriends etc.

Just my two cents on what I would do. I may try writing a story song actually. Sounds fun.
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