Thought I'd add to the lame threads this evening.

Same as thread title. Do you, fellow insomniacs? What do you eat/do WHILE eating?

Example: I grab some sort of cracker (Cheese Its, Goldfish, ect.) with some milk while I watch Adult Swim or browse the Pit/Facebook.
I'm a multi tasker, so late at night you'll find me with a laptop in the bathroom fapping and eating a sandwich while taking a shit. 4x combo!
I eat lasagne while watching porn, sometimes the lasagne resembles what I'm watching
well i susually stay up til 4 or something so ill have a snack at round midnight
can vary from some chips to making some sort of pasta
depends on what i have in the fridge
Hell yeah. Ritz and t.v till 3am.
I pretend to write songs.

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cereal right now - 3:30 AM
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I practically live at night, so yeah. I'll sneak some sloppy joes or something at 5 in the morning on a regular basis.
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Mother****ing ice cream sandwiches, niggas.
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Yeah, I eat when I stay up that late. Who wouldn't?

I thought you meant like... eating dinner at 9 as opposed to 6:30. I do both.

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I'm a multi tasker, so late at night you'll find me with a laptop in the bathroom fapping and eating a sandwich while taking a shit. 4x combo!

Best 11'er so far.
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Best 11'er so far.


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Might want to clear that up a little more

It sucks if you live with other people and want to eat at night, it'll be like 2:00 am and I've starving however, equally terrified to wake the other occupants of my house with the microwave or something.
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I usually never eat after 7PM. Yeah, I can pull that off.
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I eat at night so I'm gonna be hungry in the morning. Usually something light like cottage cheese.
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Nope. I eat whenever I get hungry, which is very rarely, usually once a day or every other.

If this is true you have a very unhealthy lifestyle
I used to be obese, and decided to work out and stop eating fast food and drinking soda and shit, and I learned that eating most things late at night is bad for you, so I try not to, but...I don't get past midnight or so without something. Boredom is a huge factor.

This thread made me go get yellow rice from my fridge.

Yes, poop.
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I tend to stay up until at least 2am doing something, usually find a movie to watch, or a tv show to catch up on. I have this thing where I just can't concentrate on watching something unless I eat, so I usually just bring a handful of random crap up to my room and eat that.
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If this is true you have a very unhealthy lifestyle

She's probably waiting for God to feed her...
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