i feel like i know what to look for, for finding the right guitar for myself. but when it comes to amps, i know nothing (except everyone hates line 6).

can someone either link me to a detailed explanation of all the things one needs to know about amps, or at least jot down a few general things.
100 watt tube amp is usually overkill for most gigs but doesnt mean itsnot nice to have if you cn afford it

tube amps are generally preffered to ss ampss

mostimpoertantly if it sounds good it is good(unless you have an mg...>.>
Marshall Mg's look good, but STAY AWAY
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What sort of amp you want depends on what you are playing. Myself, I chose a tube amp with plenty of guts (60W) with three channels that could cover a lot of styles. There are basically three main types of amp
Non Master Volume amp. Non master volume means that you only have one volume control. instead of..........
Master Volume amp. What that means is that you have a volume control to control the power amp (the master volume) and another volume control to control the preamp (often labelled "Gain"). In practice that allows you to drive the preamp into distortion with the gain knob while simultaneously reducing the volume of the amp with the master volume.
High Gain Master Volume amp. These have the same two volume controls but have a higher gain preamp stage so you can overdrive the preamp even more creating Mesa Boogie type saturated distortion.

Non-Master Volume amps are used where cleans are important and amp distortion only when you crank the volume really loud. Popular with blues, country, a lot of old classic rock like Zeppelin and Jazz

Master Volume amps are used where high levels of distortion are required at any volume. These sort of amps started in the 80's so pretty much any rock or metal played since then.

High Gain Master volume amps. Capable of even more distortion than a normal Master Volume amp. Mainly used for metal but is also how Carlos Santana gets that screaming saturated sound. They were a product of the late 80's when metal bands started modding their Marshalls to get more distortion. Enter Soldano and Mesa to fill the need.

Then there's how do you do it? Solid state, tube, or some computerised simulation. Personally, for me it's tube or gtfo. My amp actually has three channels with each of those amp types available via a footswitch.
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