hey all. I'm looking for an amp, solidstate or tube, that allows a good amount of reverb but will also need a lot of gain for doom/sludge metal. I need good cleans but also need a heavier sound. I have a danelectro pb&j delay and an ibanez old distortion pedal, so I'm definitely open for recommendations.

I don't have a job but will hopefully be getting one soon. I have a hookup to a Fender Blues tube amp for 400 it's really nice I'm also looking in the Line6 DL4.

Anyone with recommendations please.

Also what are the thoughts on the bugera copy of the marshall jcm900? Isn't there a bugera copy of a Vox Ac30 too? Thanks!
if you want something inexpensive but still has quality, check out the jet city amps. nice stuff and won't break the bank. bugera just came out with a new head (idk if they make a combo version) that is $800 but the thing sounds amazing.

the only line 6 i would recommend is one of their tube amps. i usually hate line 6 but was playing a tube head by them at guitar center the other day and was absolutely blown away by how great it sounded. if you want a modeler with some power you can also check out the marshall jmd series
BC30 sounds similar to a Matchless
6262 for sludge, possible 333xl also
search youtube for v55 metal videos also fun to watch
50 watt Krank videos can be ok also

less expensive metal pedal is Tech 21 xxl