I have $1200 to buy a new amp, and i'm starting to consider trying to buy a cab and head instead of a combo. Problem is i know next to nothing about amps, so what should i be looking for when purchasing a cabinet and head?

For example:


A cabinet like this. How do i know if it's good or not? Me knowing nothing it seems pretty good to me. I know Marshall have a good reputation so is something like this the way to go?


And same for the head.

For someone like me having a really terrible knowledge of amps, is a combination of those 2 kinds of things a good way to go?
I'm pretty much a retailers wet dream having a bunch of money and no clue about anything, so i'd like to avoid falling into that trap.
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stay away from the mg
i suggest you go to a music store and try out all the amps you can until you find one you really like with that budget you have many options of amps

also i sugest you look at tubes amps (they have bot a standby and a on off switch as V mentions down there

and if you really worried about being suckered into buying something you ont want
dont take your moeny with you just go in there and try out the amps tell them youre shopping for one and just try them on your own till you find one
and if you have any more questions about particulr amps you can ask here
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supersac is right. Don't just go by brand. Both head and cab will color your sound, and you should make sure the result is a sound your happy with. I've played through Marshall head and cab. I liked it, but its sort of the middle range for me...Not bad, not great. When you buy a head cab you should love it, not like it.
Alright, your hearts in the right place dude but think about what asking right now, your about to spend 1200 dollars on something you know nothing about...dont you think your jumping the gun a little bit? I dont know how long youve been playing or if your in a band at all but odds are the kind of power you'll get in a cab/head you'll rarely need to use. From im what im gathering from your post your not gonna be playing shows with it and it sounds like you'll just be at home playing? maybe jam with some friends? Point is big amps like that need to be driven to high volumes to sound good and its like having race car but just taking it to the grocery store and driving around in the city.

With that said, look at something a little cheaper untill you do some more research find some more, play a little longer find out whats right for you tone wise rather than just jumping into it and trusting what people have to say via internet. Just my two cents.
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If you have that kind of budget to spend, there is absolutely no excuse to spend it on an MG series Marshall. As others have said, just because it says Marshall on the tin does not mean it will be good, the MG series for instance is generally considered woeful. I'd certainly check out tube amps with your budget, do not rule combos out though as tube wattage tends to sound a heck of a lot louder than you might imagine compared to solid state.
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Quote by vayne92
I have $1200 to buy a new amp, and i'm starting to consider trying to buy a cab and head instead of a combo. Problem is i know next to nothing about amps, so what should i be looking for when purchasing a cabinet and head?

i have a really long canned-post about what goes into a cab, but that is not overly necessary. a 'good' cab and amp will depend on what you want outta it.


you tell us that and we'll be able to tell you what you are basically looking for.
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