I just got ~80 sets of strings for different instruments for free off of Craigslist. There were 5 sets of strings for bass, all the same type of D'addario, all sealed, but they were bought in packs of individual gauges (5 sets of 5 .045, 5 sets of 5 .065, 5 sets of 5 .080, and 5 sets of 5 .100), and the .100 strings are super long scale, while the rest are long scale. Can I use the super long .100 strings with the rest if I cut them down? If so, I play a 5 string bass, so should I buy long or super long .130's for the low B? The bass has a 34" scale length, and I have the option of either hard tailing or stringing through. Any help would be greatly appreciated, seeing as I could save a LOT of money if I can use these as sets.